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Fairfax, Virginia, South County Police Station

The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, has been selected by Fairfax County to facilitate the proposal, creation, and installation of a commissioned sculpture at the new South County Police Station and Animal Shelter. The southern part of Fairfax County, Virginia, has a growing need for police and animal shelter services, and is currently constructing a multi-use facility that will house the South County Police Station, an animal shelter, and a community room. The anticipated substantial completion date is Spring 2023, and more information about the project, including renderings, can be found online.

Proposals are being accepted for a sculpture that will be positioned at the entrance of  South County Police Station to welcome the community to the grounds and facility. The sculpture should take into consideration the history of Lorton and South County, relate to  the facility behind it, feel welcoming and friendly, and consider the facility also provides a  space designated for community use. The sculpture may be fabricated using metal and/or stone, and the base must be designed by an engineer. 

The desired dimensions for the sculpture are:

  • • maximum footprint of 16 square feet (4’ wide by 4’ deep) 
  • • maximum 14’ in height

A maximum budget of $50,000 will be allocated for the selected proposal. Artists residing  in Fairfax County and/or artists with previous experience designing sculptures of a similar  scale will be given priority consideration for this project.  

Each proposal should include:

  • a letter detailing the artist’s concept for the sculpture and what informed the design • materials to be used in fabrication 
  • • an initial rendering of the proposed piece
  •  • a detailed budget of expenses up to $50,000, including artist’s stipend 
  • • links to the artist’s CV, online portfolio(s), and relevant social media  platforms/website

Proposals will be evaluated, and the award selected by, Fairfax County staff and officials  using the following criteria:

  • artist concept for the piece and its relevance to: Lorton and South County history 
  •  the new facility’s functional purpose
  • creating a welcoming space for the community 
  • appropriateness of materials used in fabrication 
  • budgeted expenses reflecting the costs of the proposed work


  • Thursday, September 1, 2022: Deadline for receipt of proposals 
  •  Friday, September 30, 2022: Notification of Award 
  • April 2023: Delivery and installation of sculpture

Regular meetings will be held with the artist and Workhouse Arts Center staff between  Notification of Award and Delivery and installation of sculpture to ensure progress of work  is within scope of award and expectations based upon the proposal. These meetings will be  scheduled with the artist as part of the agreement process.

 Inquiries should be emailed to Audrey Miller (audreymiller@workhousearts.org),  Exhibitions Manager, Workhouse Arts Center

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.