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No one knows where the term “military brat” exactly originated, but some  believe it was an early 1920s reference to the British army’s use of  the acronym, “BRAT” as the status of “British  Regiment Attached Traveler”, a term applied to families who would travel  with the soldier. The WMAI invites all youth (ages 5+), adolescent, and  adult children of active duty or retired service members, veterans and  reservists to submit a single artwork. The exhibition features work  representing military children, affectionately known as “military  brats,” a badge of honor that describes life in a military family –  multiple moves, new beginnings, stressors, deployments-an overall  culturally unique experience differing from civilian life as expressed  through original artwork in various art media, materials, and processes.  WMAI would like to provide insight into the lives of military children  by opening the conversation about who they are and have become because  of their military childhood. The purpose of the show is to create a  space for expression and reflection for military children while sharing  and engaging with the campus and larger community. A short bio will be  included with the artwork highlighting the child’s military and artistic  background. We open this exhibition during the month of April, Military  Child Month and National Military Brats Day (April 30) to raise  awareness about the ongoing sacrifices and service military children  contribute to society and the artistic community. The exhibition will  open April 11th and continue until May 23rd. 


Submission Guidelines:

  1. Only original artwork,  no reproductions.
  2. Only work from the children (regardless of age) of active duty or  retired service members, veterans, and reservists will be considered and  only one  work per  person.
  3. 3D work can not exceed a 15″ print and should come with a display pedestal or stand if possible. If work is fragile artist may be  asked to provide a case. 2D Artwork should be framed and ready to hang and/or display. No saw-tooth hangers. Each framed work should come with  hanging wire properly installed on the  rear  of the  frame.
  4. Each submission must include an image of the  work to be displayed and a short bio about the artist. Forms, Bios, and  Images (Hi-RES, 300 dpi or greater) must be digitally entered no later than the March 27th,  2020.
  5. Once  notified, all accepted work must be delivered to the  Workhouse Arts Center by Friday April 3rd, 2020.
  6. Show is installed on April 6th – April 10th,  2020. Exhibition opens in building 9A on Saturday April 11th,  2020.
  7. Work will be on view from April 11th  to May 23rd. Limited viewing  hours of the  exhibition space will include: Weds – Sat, 10 am – 4 pm.
  8. Unsold artwork must be picked up by May 31st, 2020. 
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.